„I believe in innovation and that the way you get innovation is you fund research and you learn the basic facts.”

Bill Gates

R&D is important for a firm to gain knowledge to develop, design, enhance, and modify company’s products, services, technologies, business plans, processes and sometimes vision. nano360 allows companies to do market participation where they can attract new customers, win attention and also increase market share. nano360 targets not only in creation disruptive and innovative products and add new features to old products, but also in overall cost cutting, effective marketing strategies formulation, increased market participation, new operational methods etc.

R&D process

Although each company and industry have their own research methodology, R&D follows a basic framework. Having realized several dozen international R&D projects in various industries, nano360 was able to ellaborate its own way of writting success story for our client. Challenges like high cost, increased timescales, unknown results, market conditio are combat by team of international experts, which develops re-usable frameworks and components to resolve company and industry problems.

What we are bringing to your business

nano360 can bring many advantages to your business & can be instrumental in creating new products or adding features to old products. Our R&D activities are more complex than simple innovation. They are not limited to any single department and can improve marketing, operations, cost management and other parts of the business strategy.

technology strategy

portfolio management

project strategy



effective business decisions

R&D culture & value

relationships with customers

visionary products

long-run cost reduction

Success stories

Due to the wide range of applications of nanotechnology, no typical customer can be defined. Inquiries range rañgrom purely analytical problems to precisely defined contract research drawing on several areas of expertise to machines and\ achinery design to state-of-the-art shelf products. We Focus on listed below industries:

01 The method of preparing the masterbatch (concentrate) of nanoclays in the polymer and its processing

02 The method of producing isotactic polypropylene composites with reduced flammability using recycled materials

03 The tehnology for filling cable polymers for the production of Cat telecommunications cables. 6 using metal nanopowders to obtain a quasi-shielding effect

04 Innovative materials and technologies for the production of innovative products in orthopedic

05 Development of technology for the production of oil additives using nanometals and their sulphides

06 Elaboration and development of technology for the production of antibacterial and antifungal additives for use in EPDM and SBR rubber products

07 The method of exfoliating the nanoclay e innovative technological line
mixture from HFFR composites in processes occurring during screw extrusion

08 The innovative technological line consisting in purification and division
into the fraction of quarried sand

09 Innovative nozzles for cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces in ice-blasting technology

10 The concept of container municipal sewage treatment plant n MBR technology (Membrane Biological Reactor) with an innovative membrane filtration node


12 Your project